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Electric tower crane - 12.033


Stability study of an elecrtric tower crane.


The electric tower crane was built in 1957 and bears witness to the former shipyard 'Boel'. The crane is a listed monument.

Specific features

The structure is composed of, firstly, a sectional steel bolted and welded construction with a height of 50 m and a boom outreach of nearly 50 m, and secondly of a welded plate construction. The steel structure, weighing over a 100ton plus a counter weight of 60ton, stands on a concrete platform built on water stilts along the bank of the river Scheldt. The municipality of Temse, owner of the tower crane, commissioned Barbara Van der Wee Architects, Ney & Partners and XpointO for a restoration study. Ney & Partners is responsible for evaluating the overall stability of the steel structure, the concrete platform, and the foundations. A feasibility study will investigate different scenarios for future (recreational) use. A subsequent detailed study will propose reinforcement measures necessary to guarantee the ship crane’s stability.

  • Barbara Van der Wee

  • Gemeente Temse

  • Temse, Belgium

  • In Study
  • Ney & Partners