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Renovation glazed roofs, BOZAR – Center for Fine Arts Brussels - 06.034


Complete mission for civil and structural engineering.


The Center for Fine Arts of Brussels was constructed by Victor Horta in 1929 right next to the Royal Palace of Brussels. The building was used as an exhibition and concert hall by different associations of artists of that time. Under the impulse of the architect Barbara Van Der Wee a masterplan was developed to restore the entire Center. Several design axes were defined : - to bring natural light to the building's interior - to reconnect the building with the surrounding urban tissue - to modify the exhibition halls so that they comply with international standards Based on these objectives and the general context of the projet, the entire struture of the roof and exhibition halls were restored.

Specific features

The restoration works were divided into phases to allow the uninterrupted use of the Center for Fine Arts. In addition to the roof restoration, other parts of the building have been embelished: Bozarshop, Bozarhoreca (the restaurant), Cinematek (the Filmmuseum) ... Some parts of the building including the roof are listed structures.

  • 2006-2008

  • 2006-2009

  • Barbara van der Wee Architects

  • Régie des Bâtiments / Palais des Beaux-Arts

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • 6500 m2

  • 11800000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • Denys