Discover the projects of Ney & Partners on the Open Construction Day on 19 May, Brussels
(May 16, 2019)

Construction confederation opens 135 construction sites to the public under the supervision of designers and contractors. Ney & Partners participates with 6 important projects. Two sites with infrastructure: the Ingelmunster bridge, a complete assignment for architectural and structural design in collaboration with 360° architects and in Stikrooie, also one of the 24 generic bridges over […]


Ney & Partners combines local craftsmanship with high-tech construction methods, Tintagel (UK)
(April 23, 2019)

The construction of the different parts of the footbridge for the heritage site of Tintagel is in full swing. The bridge designs of Ney & Partners are always specific to the site where they are built. Local building traditions, user-friendliness and fabrication process are important points of attention. The 18 parts of the steel bridge […]


Adapted design for the Viewpoint Oloïde, Landgraaf (NL)
(April 5, 2019)

Last week Ney & Partners presented an updated design to the clients (IBA, the Province Of Limburg and the Council of Landgraaf). The new Oloïde is a steel geometric shape of 105 m wide and a height of 33 m. In addition to Its landmark function, sustainability is an important starting point of the design. […]

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Start construction concrete deck, Ingelmunster (BE)
(March 26, 2019)

On the 20th of march the first and biggest pouring phase of the concrete deck of the Ingelmunster bridge was complete. In total 618 m³ concrete was poured on a specially designed self-supported formwork hanging on the steel girders. Three more pouring phases, of 420, 170 and 215m³, will be needed to finish the complete […]

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