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Special structures Doha Stadium - 03.016


Complete mission for civil and structural engineering.


As part of the renovation of the Khalifa Stadium in Doha, two video walls had to be constructed. The two semi-circular structures are 24m long and 10 m high, the surface of the LED-screens is 130 m². Structurally, the video walls are supported by a steel frame. The U-formed section of this frame is composed by 3 steel plates with a thickness varying between 8 and 12 mm. The frame transports the loads to a central concrete pile.

Specific features

Given the necessary precision for the LED-video modules, a precise control of the tolerancies and the deformations proved to be crucial for this project.

  • 2003

  • 2004

  • ETF Event Engineering

  • Doha, Qatar

  • 130 m2

  • Completed
  • ETF