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Canopy Tachkemoni school building - 98.038


Entire study of the membrane coverings. Author of the project : Laurent Ney


Two shelters were realised. The small membrane measures 14m in diameter and has a surface of 155m2. The large membrane measures 16m by 21m and has a surface of 263m2. The following ideas form the basis of the concept : 1. obtaining a transparent or translucent surface. 2. Minimising the hierarchy of the structure. 3. Taking into account the boundary conditions. The shelters consist of a membrane structure in the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid. The entire structure rests on two steel columns.

Specific features

The proposed typology is new for this type of structures. Usually membrane structures are anchored into the ground for equilibrium of forces. In this structure the forces equilibrate each other. Structurally a coupled non-linear study was performed of the membrane and the steel structure.


Winner Competition Steel Construction 2002.

  • 1998

  • 2001

  • TV De Winter - Van Hunsel - Poulissen

  • VZW Tachkemoni

  • Antwerp, Belgium

  • 150000 € Vat Excl.

  • Completed
  • Daylight