Ney & Partners will design the future of Brussels Ring East (BE) - (July 11, 2018)

Ney & Partners is one of the partners of the joint venture Zoniën Mobiel that has been awarded the design of the Brussels ring road East. In 2005, the landscape designers Omgeving together with the group Mint collaborated for an ambitious vision for Ring road, which forms the basis of the current commission. The client, “de Werkvennootschap”, now invites THV Zoniën Mobile to design a detailed project.
In the coming years, Zoniën Mobiel will concentrate on the four major cross-roads along R0 and A4/E411. It concerns the Four Arm tunnel and R0 X N3 cross-road, the Leonard R0x A4/E411 crossing, the Groenendaal R0 x N275 crossing and finally, the complex Brabandtlaan A4/E411 x N4 crossing.
The joint venture Zoniën Mobiel associates 4 design and consultancy offices: OMGEVING is responsible for the vision and the urban and landscape design, SBE provides the civil engineering, Ney & Partners assures the expertise for the architecture and engineering for the bridges and tunnels and D + A Consult takes on the project management and technical detail. The team is further enhanced by the traffic experience of MINT and the ecological advice by Hesselteer.