Development Masterplan Ooijen-Wanssum, start construction site (NL)
(April 10, 2018)

Construction sites for the Masterplan Development Ooijen-Wanssum started this year. The first bridges to be built are the steel pedestrian bridge spanning the future Wanssum Rondweg and the Ooijen bridge. The latter is a semi-integral concrete bridge with 10 spans and a total length of 200 m. The concrete works are built span by span […]


People love bridges, first cleaning of the Dejima bridge, Nagasaki (JP)
(April 5, 2018)

Ney & Partners JP organized together with the steel constructor Oshima and the Dejima the City of Nagasaki a noteworthy initiative. To insure the long life of the bridge and the maintenance of the of the structure, a group of volunteers will clean the bridge twice a month. The bridge has many little holes and […]

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Start construction Boekelose Bridge (NL)
(March 27, 2018)

Beginning this year, the construction site for the Boekelose bridge started with the ramming of the first pile. Currently, the formwork for the first concrete abutment is built on the spot by Verhoeven Timmerfabriek. In total the curved wooden formwork covers 214 m 2, has a height of ca. 7 m and an overall width […]

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Inauguration Cinema complex Palace Pathé, Brussels (BE)
(March 20, 2018)

February 28th the legendary Cinema complex Pathé Palace reopened. The historic Art Deco building by architect Paul Hamesse opened its doors in 1913 and was designed as a multipurpose venue: cinema, café and music hall. Counting 2500 seats, it was the largest cinema complex in Brussels and Belgium. Atelier l’Architecture Alain Richard starting point for the design was […]

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