Jeroen Vander Beken nominated as second Managing Director Ney & Partners, Brussels (BE) - (November 16, 2017)

Laurent Ney founded Ney & Partners in 1998 and has been Managing Director ever since. Over time Ney & Partners became a frontline player in the world of engineering in Belgium as well as abroad. Now the time has come for Laurent Ney to partly delegate the operational management to a young director, in order to prepare Ney & Partners for the future.

Jeroen is a civil construction engineer, and since his graduation in 2006 part of the team. He is currently one of the Partners of the office, as well as project manager in the Buildings Team, leading largescale construction projects.

Our strategy has always been founded on excellence, both to the service of architecture as in the domain of infrastructure. The combined excellence in architecture and engineering has been one of our leitmotivs for all these years. Ney & Partners will continue to put forward this integrated vision of our profession to the further service of high-quality results.