group8asia, Ney & Partners and Boydens Engineering win competition ‘The Parks’, Quy Nhon, VN - (December 19, 2016)

The Parks’ Tower aims to become a sustainable lighthouse for the region, an example of high-standing architecture and urban planning, whilst simultaneously addressing economic and social needs of the local community. It comprises of 180 000m2 with two hotels, luxury apartments, commercial spaces, and three green park areas. The green areas are located on different levels. The first park, located at the foot of the tower (=the podium), establishes a direct link with the city, while the two others are suspended up in the air, connecting the public and private spaces of the tower. Despite there being two towers the proposal is read as one iconic objects.

Ney & Partners was responsible for the structural engineering. By connecting the two towers together, the total entity behaves as a vertical vierendeel truss. This allows for relatively slim elevator shafts and facades free of supporting structural elements. The Belgian companies Boydens Engineering and Ney & Partners are very pleased to team up with the Vietnamese-Swiss architect office group8asia. group8asia harmonizes the Swiss philosophy of thoughtful design, clear concept, rationality and expertise within the Asian building context. copyright image: group8asia