News / 17/11 starts Artist-in-Residence Ney - Poulissen & Veldwerk in Nijmegen (NL) - (11/11/2011)

Ney - Poulissen Architects & Engineers designs 3 bridges at Nijmegen.

The following 2 months, the artist of Atelier Veldwerk will explore the city and the landscape in relation to urban development and the three bridges in particular. The goal is a manual on integrated design. Thursday, 17 th of November the residency is starting with a lecture program:

Speakers: Henk Beerten, alderman of culture, Nijmegen
Arch. Ir. Laurent Ney and arch. Chris Poulissen, Ney - Poulissen Architects & Engineers
Jan Brouwer, Chairman of the quality team of the Oversteek bridge
Rudy Luyters, Atelier Veldwerk

Place : De Lindenberg, Valkhofzaal, Nijmegen, 20u -21.30
Income: 8 euro, students: 3 euro
Reservations :